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The governor of Monastir has visited the bachelor students of the sports section in Jemmel

Since his visit to the bachelors, the governor perceeded to make a check up in the center reserved to test sports section bachelors in Jemmel accompained by the mayor and other responsibles...

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Technical guidance card to get a building permission (architect)
- 2 Ordinairy request(architect)
- 5 Architectrual plan (architect)
- 3 Ownership certificate
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Jemmel's economic movement


Jemmel's Doueb market is considered as one of the most important local markets

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The municipality of Jemmel is in service for all citizens
 Jemmel's clerks and employers express their preparations to accept all the requests of citizens

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Floods intervention from municipality and others in 2016 Interventions
Municipal intervention in cleaning campaigns and pestilence extermination
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Establishment of a civil protection unit with the contribution of the community and municipality
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Cooperative minutes