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Municipal council

The preparatory, exclusive, ordinary minutes hosted by the special delegation of Jemmel's municipality in 2015, 2016, and 2017

Ordinairy minutes

Preparatory minutes

Exceptionnel minutes 


Performance evaluation results of 2015

Performance evaluation results of 2015

The 2015 results of municipal performances which involves all sorts of statistics of transparency were published. The Municipality of Jemmal came out with a positive results in this regard More

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Introducing the new mobile electronic shelves

Jemmel's municipality brought new mobile shelves to protect the archives and ease the access to information

The governor of Monastir has visited the bachelor students of the sports section in Jemmel

Since his visit to the bachelors, the governor perceeded to make a check up in the center reserved to test sports section bachelors in Jemmel accompained by the mayor and other responsibles...

94th anniversary

The municipality celebrates it's94th anniversary and honors the retired --

City's Visit

The possible places to visit:  Om Zin El Jemmaliya Sidi Belkhairia Museum  

Civil condition

Sign a marriage contract of foreigners in Tunisia OR in the officer of civil condition Extract a...


Installations available in the city The administrative services  Delegation ...

Investing opportunity

Economic life Investment opportunities in Jemmel

Municipal Council

Exeptional trial sessions, trial seesion of the first ordinary session of 2016                 

Municpal Admins.

The municipality of  Jemmel was established in the 19th of février 1921 The renovation of the...

Citizens' questions

Technical guidance card to get a building permission (architect)
- 2 Ordinairy request(architect)
- 5 Architectrual plan (architect)
- 3 Ownership certificate
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Jemmel's economic movement


Jemmel's Doueb market is considered as one of the most important local markets

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The municipality of Jemmel is in service for all citizens
 Jemmel's clerks and employers express their preparations to accept all the requests of citizens


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