The city's institutions

The administrative institutions



District Court

Post office

National security zone

Public security station

Argiculture guidance center

Two elementry school offices

Department branch of Housing

STEG and Tunisian Gas branch

SONEDE branch

ONAS branch

Employment and training office

Office of tax control

Telecom branch

Employment inspectition

CNAM branch

Health and pharmacy institutions

Local hospital

Mother and children care center



Private medical clinic

Medical analysis laboratory

Blood filter center

Educational institutions


Secondary schools

Technical training school

Elementary school

Deaf training school

Mentally retarded school

Recycle and argicultural training center

Youth institutions

Sports institutions

 Youth and culture houses

Public library

Children's public library

Kids clubs


Sports complex


STB branch

Agricultural bank branch

Tijari bank branch

Tunisian bank branch

Housing bank branch

World union bank branch

Aman bank branch

Tunisian arabic bank branch

Tunisian international arabic bank branch


Some institutions :

- An integrated sports complex containing:

Football stadium covered with grass and seats : 3000 seats 

Rugby stadium covered with grass and seats : 700 seats 

Multi sections sports complex : 2500 seats

Other stadiums