Municipal history :


The Municipality of Jemmel was established under the Order of 19 February 1921. The current building of the municipality was finished in 1994

Adress : Avenue Younes Ben Ahmed -Jemmel 5020

Telephone : 73486006


Fax : 73486827

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website : ( Under construction )



Structural planning Budget Structural organization
Secretary general- Directors- Directors' union- Heads of departments :


President in charge Majdi thabit : Secretary of finance and administration director 
Head engineer Samir ismaiil : Secretary of secondary technical administration director
Structural analyst Thouraiya hlal : Head of computer unit
Administrative employee Monji belhadj belgasim : Head of Civil status unit 


Development of human ressources



The Municipality has paid several amendments to the Framework Law to include the following:

Joint Administrative Sector : 8
Chief Executive Officer : 1
Officer : 2
Administrative worker : 3
Writer officer : 2
Public administrations' collective engineering sector : 1
Head engineer : 1
Collective technical sector of public administrations  : 3
First technician  : 1
Technician  :


Computer analysts and technicians' collective sector :


Structural analyst
Collective sector of doctors and vets
Primary vet : 1
Archive papers officer : 1
Archive papers officer : 1
Employees sector :

88, 12  of which were recruited during the beginning of April 2016 

List of accepted employees in the 2015 external preliminary


Available equipment :


Computer equipment   Transport equipment  
Computer 25 Truck Compressor 3
Advanced media network   Normal truck  4 

Applications: Civil Status - Local taxation

Budget Management: Fairness Municipalities - Building Permits

  Tractor with back track
    Trax crane machine
    Mini crane machine  
    Dek machine  
    Public electricity machine
    Small bulldozer  
    4x4 Truck  
Sports institutions   Priority device and surveillance camera  
Covered stadium   Providing a priority system to facilitate service to citizens  
Rugby stadium      
Football stadium      


Scheduled projects